Csutpwo, LLC



Csuptwo is pronounced see-soop-too

Csuptwo corresponds to the initials, CC, of the company’s founder Carl Crawford. This correspondence can be derived as follows.

1. Adding two spaces to Csuptwo yields C sup two
2. Replacing two with 2 yields C sup 2, which is the notation in eqn for C2
3. C2 = C⋅C

Eqn is the equation processor for troff, which is the word formatting program for Unix and Linux for man pages. See www.troff.org for additional information on eqn and troff.

Csuptwo’s logo represents a computerized cross-sectional imaging device. The C corresponds to the device’s aperture. The yellow line under csuptwo corresponds to a patient table or other form of conveyance for moving objects into the aperture. Csuptwo corresponds to the object being imaged. The logo was created with generous assistance from Ge Wang, Ph.D. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) and Justin Wiemer (Boston University).




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